UT samples
‘T’ connection bevel profile (IMG)
Diagonal connection bevel profile (IMG)
16″ O.D. pipe longitudinal weld bevel profile (IMG)
Diagonal connection bevel profile (IMG)
Simulated pipe splice bevel profile (IMG)

Sonaspection produces a recommended practice set typical of those required in API RP 2X for advanced UT training and examination of technician in defect detection, sizing and characterisation for the offshore industry.This set contains 3 welding set-up configurations of your choice, recommended in the code please see above.

Each sample contains 2-4 defects. Sample defects can be designed around level ‘C’ or level ‘A’ criteria although no specific sentencing would be expressed.

Typical defects:

  • Slag inclusion
  • Lack of fusion
  • Lack of penetration
  • Root cracks
  • Centre line cracks

Document package includes:

  • CAD as biultdrawing
  • Manual UT and PT/MT report
  • Material Certs
  • Weld log and consumable Certs
  • QA release note