Training & Examination


  • Introduction weld flaw types for applicable NDT method
  • Demonstration of the principals of flaw detection
  • Demonstration of typical flaw responses from chosen NDT method
  • Introduction of techniques for flaw interpretation and identification

ASME XI Appendix Sets

Samples designed for specialist training and performance demonstration. Advanced training and qualification in defect detection, defect sizing, complex weld geometries, exotic materials. Also for training technician on equipment and procedures.

Casting & Forging Flaws

Sonaspection have developed a series of small and lightweight specimens which contain typical flaws found in cast and forged components.
The specimens are designed for practical training to provide experience in flaw detection, sizing and interpretation. Customised specimens are available on request.

Educational Kits

A set of miniature welds, macro sections and photo-radiographs to demonstrate the principles of flaw detection, flaw interpretation and basic sizing.

Flawed Specimen Sets

A set of small lightweight and convenient to handle welds specimens, each containing either one or two flaws with a minimum of 18 flaws per set. The sets are designed for practical training, to provide an introduction to flaw detection, sizing and interpretation.

Reference Radiographs

It contains 20 Radiographs showing a minimum of 20 defects.
Plus a minimum of 6 processing defects.

Standard Flawed Specimen

Standard Flawed Specimens are designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of all known internationally recognised Qualification Programme.