Custom Specimens

Sonaspection products can be used in specific, specialized NDT training and inspection. It is possible to order custom made, non-standard samples, based on:

  • Exotic materials
  • Complex weld geometry
  • Flaw detection, flaw sizing
  • Custom made samples are delivered with documentation that clearly states the type of the flaw, its sizing and location


Sonaspection produces a recommended practice set typical of those required in API RP 2X for advanced UT training and examination of technician in defect detection, sizing and characterisation for the offshore industry.

API Training & Practise

Sonaspection manufactured all the original qualification specimens for API examinations, these specimens are ideal for training and pre-qualification practice.

Bend Test

Sonaspection has produced a range of bend test samples that can show a student or technician the impact welded defects can have on the structural integrity of a welded joint.

Boiler Tubes

Sonaspection have been involved in trials for UT PA in lieu of radiography, we have designed a range of boiler tube sample to help in the training and examination of technician and equipment.

Crack Sizing Bars

Sonaspection produce a range of sizing bars they are a useful tool for crack sizing and characterisation.

Custom Specimens and Mock-ups

Sonaspection products can be used for specific NDT training, procedure development, personnel training and qualification, specialists training and performance demonstration.

Dissimilar Welds

Dissimilar metal specimens are one of the most difficult welded specimens to produce. They are also one of the most challenging to examine with ultrasound.